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Organic Gel Nails FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have assembled information on Angel Love Organic Gel Nails FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions.  These are by far the most often asked questions we receive.  If you have additional questions please contact us.  We are here to help.

What is the difference between Angel Love organic gel nails and other gels?

Angel Love organic gel nails is a revolutionary new hybrid poly-carbonate product that contains absolutely no acids or monomers, it is bonded to the nail with a protein based bonding system which connects the protein molecules in the actual nail to the protein molecules in the product. Adhering them at a molecular level as apposed to other products which use an acid to corrode the nail bed to create a place for the product to adhere.

Angel Love is weightless, durable, and lasts several weeks longer than acid. You have touch sensation and it grows with the nail instead of against it.

Why does Angle Love organic gel nails heat up during the curing process?

Because Angel Love Nails organic  gel nails is an organic product that is going through a physical change. When the product is met by the ultraviolet light it solidifies almost immediately, during that process the molecules are racing so fast in order to turn from a liquid form to a solid form that it is creating friction on the nail bed. Friction is heat.

How is Angel Love organic?

Angel Love is made from protein molecules and carbon atoms and does not contain any acids or other corrosive materials.

What are the health benefits of Angel Love organic gel nails vs other products?

Other products that use acids or monomers eat holes in the nail bed to create a place for the protect to adhere. These holds are essentially cavities that allow the product to get inside your system causing multiple health problems. The acids are corrosives and can be dangerous to both the clients’ health and the tech’s. As previously stated, Angel Love does not use acids, therefore it does not create a point of entry for any chemicals to get into your bloodstream.

Angel Love is healthier for your nails because it will seal, protect and allow your nails to grow without doing any damage.

Is Angel Love completely odorless?

The Angel Love Gel and Primer is completely odorless. The nail cleanse, however, is not. It has a mild odor similar to nail polish remover, but it is an organic derivative of corn.

If I am allergic to acrylic nails can I still wear Angle Love organic gel nails?

Angel Love is a completely hypo-allergenic product and has had no adverse reactions to date.

If my nails are damaged by acrylic products and I change to Angel Love organic gel nails will I have to wear Angel Love forever?

No. Angle Love will help your nails heal and grow out healthy after one or two fills. You can take off or replace the Angel Love product if you wish.

Angel Love Organic Gel Nails FAQsAngel Love Organic Gel Nails FAQs