We at Angel Love Nails are out to revolutionize the industry and are looking for individuals who want to join us!

Why become an Angel Love Nails Tech?

Every client is different, yet Angel Love Nails works for virtually everyone because the system is NOT acid based.

What does that mean?

Regardless of the acid-based buffering system in the clients’ physiological makeup, Angel Love Nails is designed to be durable, yet flexible enough to adhere to their nail using our patented protein-based bonding system.  The product is odorless and self-leveling.  The nails top-cure when the photoinitiators are activated by the UV lamp.

Angel Love Nail technicians are relieved from having to store so many different systems and can concentrate on creating beautiful nails and have FUN while doing it. With Angel Love Nails you can be a Nail Artist!

Training Overview

Thank you for your interest in the Angel Love Nails Training Program. This program is designed for those who are looking for a healthy alternative to nail products. Angel Love Nails is that alternative! With this 3-part program, you will become proficient in everything you need to become state licensed and Certified as an Angel Love Nail Technician!

Our program includes the following:

  • Unit 1 – Theory
  • Unit 2 – Practical
  • Unit 3 – Angel Love Nails

Students can attend full-time classes and be graduated and licensed in 3 months, or set your own part-time schedule.

Unit 1) Theory:

You will receive an iPad with a personal access code to study by. This iPad is yours to keep and can be used to schedule future clients, process payments and run your business.

You will learn from a four-part program all you need to know to pass your State Boards in the Theory Exam division. Basic chemistry, general anatomy, sanitization, laws, and regulations, there is even a section on Salon Business. Once you have completed your required hours and have passed your State Board Theory Exam you are ready for Unit 2!

Unit 2) Practical:

You will receive the materials and product that you will need to pass your State Boards in the Practical Exam division. All these materials and supplies are yours to keep.

During the Practical portion of your training, you may provide services to other students as well as the public.

Your training will take you through a variety of hands-on requirements such as a basic manicure, plastic tips, silk wraps and acrylic application with length and polish!

In Unit 2 you will apply all the knowledge you mastered in Unit 1 combined with the hands-on training of Unit 2. Once you have completed your required practical hours and have passed your Theory and Practical Exams you are ready for Unit 3!

Unit 3Angel Love Nails:

Welcome to the Angel Love Nails Family!

Congratulations, you are now a State Licensed Nail Technician ready to start the most exciting unit of your training.

You have already received materials and have passed your State Board exams. Now you will receive the entire balance of your materials and Angel Love Nails product you will need to start your own nail business.

This is when the fun begins!

In this unit, you will learn the difference between other nail products and why so many people are turning to Angel Love Nails. You will learn how to apply our product to get the incredible results people are raving about.

You will find that Angel Love Nails is superior with its organic bonding system and unique protein properties. You will be amazed to see how much you can do with Angel Love Nails. 

There will be classes on art and art application.  Students will also learn about business etiquette and the ins and outs of running a salon.

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